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Barbecue Buzz

Ribs: The Dickey’s Way

25 Jul 2013

Ribs are the backbone to the barbecue business and Dickey’s understands that the perfect ribs are not necessarily a science, but an art form.

How do we get perfect, mouthwatering fall-off-the-bone ribs? That’s the secret I’m sharing today.

Dickey’s always starts with a great rib rub, like Dickey’s Signature Rib Rub which includes ground cumin, salt, garlic a sugar and maybe a few secret ingredients. After slathering the ribs with the rub, we place the ribs in the smoker bone-side down. This allows the smoke to channel under the ribs and achieve an overall smoky, savory flavor.

We smoke our succulent ribs at a temperature between 270 and 295 degrees F and we smoke them for 3 to 3 ½ hours.

To check the doneness, we perform the “break test” by grabbing the rib rackribs dripping with a pair of tongs making sure they immediately break. This means they are perfect. At Dickey’s, we make sure our ribs literally fall-off-the-bone and melt in your mouth -- nothing else will do!

Have fun and don’t worry about getting a little messy -- that’s just part of making great barbecue!

Are you a rib-natic? Then check out #DickeysAllOverYourFace. #DickeysAllOverYourFace is a 6 week campaign that will feature a series of short videos exploring the rib ticklin’ side of Dickey’s. All videos will be posted weekly here and also on Dickey’s Facebook. Dickey’s encourages viewers to watch, share and comment. The videos are to inspire Dickey’s customers to not just share a rib, but a share moment.