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Barbecue Buzz

Ribs + Brew = Perfect Couple

30 Jan 2015

Beer.  Ribs.  Alone they are pretty darn good.  But, together…they are a winning combination that’s hard to beat. Beer has a knack for perfecting our most endearing comfort foods. You wouldn't pair hot dogs or hamburgers with wine, would you?  Mostly no.  But the king of cold ones maintains a particularly fond relationship with barbecue. Basically they go together.

Beer's bubbly brightness cuts through barbecue's pit fire and spice while refreshing and recharging the palate. At the same time, its complexity can balance the layers of flavor in any slab of meat.  Let’s start with Ribs.

When pairing ribs with beer, you want malt-forward beers that have a sweet, or roasted, flavor. You don’t want a beer that’s too bitter, because that can eliminate the delicate flavors in the meat. Our ribs are sprinkled with the Dickey family’s rib rub then Hickory-smoked until tender. A full-bodied malt beer like a dark lager couples perfectly with the smoky flavors of juicy pork ribs because of the slightly sweet, rich caramel flavor of the beer.

If you’re picking up ribs to go or ordering them online (, consider swinging by for your favorite brew.