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Barbecue Buzz

Roll Out the Bacon Carpet!

17 Oct 2014

Bacon.  Besides barbecue, it’s one of the main reasons you’re not a vegetarian. It makes everything better, and either you like bacon or you’re wrong. Okay, okay… that may be a tad judgmental. But, for some, bacon is truly to be celebrated.

The salty, sizzlin’, tasty slices of pork belly take center stage (quite literally) this weekend, starting on 10/18/14 at Pederson’s Natural Farms fourth Annual Bacon Bash Texas in Cranfills Gap. Yup, I said Cranfills Gap. No idea where that is? That’s okay… most folks don’t. Cranfills Gap is a tiny little Texas town with a population of 281. Yeah, 281. And, Dickey’s is proud to be a sponsor.

What exactly is this Bacon Bash Texas? Well, at a very basic level, it is a bacon cook-off. This year, 14 teams compete for the 1st place finish. Here’s how it works. Teams are given ten pounds of Pederson’s Natural Farms Uncured Bacon. With that bacon, they must create anything their heart desires. The catch? They must supply all other necessary ingredients and cook all samples on site. From bacon jam to bacon wrapped sun dried figs to bacon stuffed funnel cakes to bacon wrapped loin with roasted carrot and coconut curry bisque, this really is a smorgasbord of all things bacon! Bacon vodka, bacon popcorn, bacon rimmed margaritas… it’s a bacon-y good time! (I wonder how many times I can say bacon in one paragraph?!?)

With live bands providing hours of boot scootin’ music, free flowin’ beer, and an abundance of oversized straw hats, it really is a unique experience and an excuse to have a good ol’ time!  And the topper is all proceeds go to Niki Covers The Cold, a charity that collects and then hands out to folks in need.  

For more information on Bacon Bash, check out the official website at