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Barbecue Buzz

The Bread & Butter of Dickey’s Bread

07 Aug 2013

We all know Dickey’s offers mouthwatering barbecue that satisfies any hardcore carnivore, but did you know that Dickey’s now also makes all of their bread too?

Bread is one of the oldest known recipes to man. It has been around for several millennia—approximately 12,000!

Bread started off as what we would call a flatbread, similar to that of a tortilla. It was simply ground grains and water mashed together and then baked. It is believed that the cultivation of wheat and other grains was one the driving forces in the transition from nomadic people to domesticated, stationary people.  This led to bread becoming a staple in human diets.

In September, Dickey’s across the country will be rolling out this new homemade recipe for all their rolls, buns and hoagie rolls. The new artisanal bread is an original recipe designed by Dickey’s Chef Jeff Forrester.

“Our customers have always loved our rolls – they have a touch of sweetness that complements our barbecue perfectly,” said Forrester. “Now, all of our buns and hoagie rolls will have that same southern fresh bread recipe that I know our customers are going to love.”

Hey Nomad--Don’t wonder around looking for something to eat. Go to your local Dickey’s and try out our New Dickey’s Bread!