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Unforgettable Moments from the 2014 World Cup

11 Jul 2014

With the World Cup coming to an end this weekend, we thought we would share some of the most memorable moments from this year’s games. At Dickey’s Barbecue, we take all sports pretty seriously and we know you guys do too. Even though America is out, you can still score big by bringing a little bit of America to your World Cup viewing party with a Dickey’s Barbecue family pack or catering.

We’re pretty sure everyone is impressed by Tim Howard’s saves. Just like Dickey’s Barbecue, Howard set a record with the most saves ever in a World Cup game. We may not have that, but we do have titles like the World’s Largest Barbecue Chain.  And we have our own version of the hat trick.

Probably the most memorable moment was when Luis Suarez confused Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder for a Pork Shoulder. I’m sure that’s why he looks so disappointed, it couldn’t have tasted the same. 

Mexico’s Coach Miguel Herrera’s constant enthusiasm is similar to what we experience each day around lunch time at one of our over 400 locations.  

Another memorable moment was the loss of host country, Brazil. The sadness and frustration of Brazilians was hard to shake. We imagine this is what it’s like when your office gets catering from the café across the street…..again. All you wanted was Dickey’s and we get that -- don’t cry. 

It was a little rough when we saw Brazilian kids crying during the game, but we bet this is what it looks like when kids get taken to restaurants that don’t offer free ice cream. Very very sad.

I’m sure we’ll get to catch a few more memorable moments during the last games this weekend. Remember, America may not have made it to the finals, but we sure did set a record! Cheers!