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Why Baseball and Barbecue Are a Match Made in Heaven

16 Jul 2014

Baseball always has Barbecue's back. 

Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game last night got us thinking about what makes Barbecue and Baseball such a perfect pair. 

They’re Both Cheap Dates

You got a stick, a ball and an empty parking lot? Baseball is good to go. Barbecue requires quality meat, slathered in sauce and cooked to perfection. It’s still cheaper than a filet.

They’re Popular

We all want to think the popular guy dates the nerd, but that’s not normally the case. Baseball holds the title of America’s National Sport and Barbecue holds the unclaimed title of America’s National Dish….we’re still working on that one.

Opposites Attract

We know Yankees and Rangers fans have very little in common, but sometimes that’s all you need.

They’re Around the Same Age

Both barbecue and baseball share a lot of history. Nothing bring back memories like sitting at a baseball game with your dad or sharing a plate of saucy ribs with Uncle Dan. 

So remember, you have about another half of the season to keep Baseball and Barbecue together. Grab a family pack or order a full catering if it’s a bigger party and just watch this beautiful relationship blossom.