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ABC 8: Local Restaurant Owner Brings 'Hot Meals' to Disasters

Published: 30 Oct 2017

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In a world that often seems divided...

A good meal brings people together.

Now a local man takes his food service to disaster zones... With a new non–profit.

Let's take a look at what's happening around Nebraska.

He's lived in a community devastated by tornadoes.

The desperation you see in their face when they've lost everything.

In the midst of tragedy... A meal and an ice cream treat bring relief.

And you're that first ray of sunshine they get to see.

Dick Cochran has been in the food service business 35 years.

He owns dickey's barbecue pit locations in Kearney and grand island.

And worked for a major food distributor before that.

Which brought him to Joplin, Missouri, living there when a catastrophic tornado hit.

You never forget that. Never. And after you go through something like that, if it doesn't tug at your heart and make you want to help, i don't know what will.

With that on his mind... And food in his background...

He's launching hot meals u–s–a...

A new non–profit that will deploy following disasters.

Get on the ground quickly and get those folks some hot food in their stomachs so they can turn around and start to help themselves recover.

He's raising money and recruiting corporate sponsors now...

To outfit a 50 foot semi trailer with grills, ovens, coolers, even sinks.

Once one of these things are built and we hit the ground, we're going to be able to deliver 10–15,000 meals a day and that's unheard of.

Hot foods u–s–a will be staffed by food service professionals who understand how to feed a crowd safely.

We do this every day. This is a group of server certified cooks and chefs.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served.

And he hasn't forgotten about dessert... After seeing kids smile with an ice cream in their hands.

It's all about helping to start that recovery process.

ABC 8: Local Restaurant Owner Brings 'Hot Meals' to Disasters
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