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Dickey's Gives Its Uniforms a Makeover

Published: 01 Feb 2016

Reposted from QSR

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit launched a new store concept last year, and with that new concept came new uniforms. The uniforms are a piece of a larger overhaul by the nation’s largest barbecue chain, which includes a new training program with an employee succession plan, sustainable elements in-store and more profitability for owner-operators.

The new uniforms were sourced from Bob Lilly Promotions, a local Dallas company started in 1999. Dickey’s has been working with Bob Lilly since early 2015 to develop a uniform that would reflect the new look and feel. The main focus of the project was wearability. The new uniforms were designed specifically to be able to be worn outside of the restaurant and to be comfortable and durable enough to last long-term inside the restaurant. “Dickey’s has had an incredible attention to detail throughout this process,” says Bob Lilly Jr., CEO of Bob Lilly Promotions. “It’s great to work with an organization that takes such pride in their brand.”

The new uniforms feature a black, welder-style denim apron, complete with twill ties for a rustic, industrial look. By far, this item has been the most popular among Owner/Operators ordering uniforms. The manager, or ‘Pit Boss’ uniform is a Western-style plaid shirt available in three colors, and T-shirts for ‘Pit Crew’ members are now in a softer wash with water-based paint to be softer and more durable than previous shirts. The whole uniform is topped off by a black and burlap cap and embellished with a chalkboard-style nametag.

“The new uniforms have been well received by our pit crew. They are trendy yet authentic and relaxed,” says Roland Dickey Jr., CEO of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants Inc. “Dickey’s has a completely new look and feel from the new uniforms to the new store prototype, while keeping the same consistency and quality in food that Dickey’s is known for.”

Dickey's Gives Its Uniforms a Makeover
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