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Innovative Retail Technologies: Spendgo's Loyalty Program Delivers Results For Dickey's BBQ Chain

Published: 02 Mar 2016

Joint Loyalty Marketing SolutionProvides Data Driven Insight toEnhance Communications with Dickey’s Customers Nationwide

Spendgo,a provider of personalized customer engagement solutions for mobile apps and online stores, recently announced that a partnership with Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, a Dallas-based family-run barbecue franchise, has delivered great results integrating Spendgo’s loyalty customer engagement solution,allowing guests to receive geo-targeted specials and earn points that can be redeemed for a free Dickey’s barbecue.

“Spendgo’s integration with our existing Big Yellow Cub Loyalty Program has accounted for a nearly 20% growth to date,” said Roland Dickey, Jr., CEO of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc. “We are proud to introduce these targeted marketing efforts system-wide andbetter leverage the data to offer great deals on items that guests are most interested in nationwide.”

Prior to the inclusion of Spendgo, Dickey’s Big Yellow Cup Club was a source of coupons and discounts for Dickey’s guests, but did not have the extended capability for targeted marketing efforts. Leveraging line item and customer data in real-time is a cornerstone of the updated program. The goal is to create personalized campaigns that drive sales and new guests.Spendgo extends beyond a traditional point system by integrating member preferences, Big Yellow Cup Club and online ordering to offer points on targeted offers. Dickey’s now sees which offers are redeemed by members and adapts accordingly by giving guests what they want in their hometown locations.

“Our integration with Dickey’s is a great example of a smart food service company that understands how to maximize growth opportunity and provide top-level services to their customers, “said Ivan Matkovic, founder and CEO of Spendgo. Typically, a program is successful if it increasessales by 5%-10%. With our help, Dickey’s has been able to nearly double that. We applaud their efforts and are looking forward to a long-term and very successful relationship.”

About Spendgo
Spendgo, located in San Francisco, Calif., helps businesses create digital customer loyalty programs and marketing campaigns that are particularly well suited for in-store, mobile, and online businesses. Companies can send offers via email or text, and integrate offers with the POS system so a customer can redeem incentives on the spot. Spendgo partners with industry leaders in POS, tech support, mobile payments, ecommerce, and mobile marketing and has a wide range of clients including Jamba Juice, Round Table Pizza, Cold Stone and more. For more information, visit
Innovative Retail Technologies: Spendgo's Loyalty Program Delivers Results For Dickey's BBQ Chain
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