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I do BBQ engagement party

12 Jul 2022

A backyard barbecue celebration can be an affordable and fun theme for your “I do” engagement party with your friends and family. Event planning can be stressful, but with the help of BBQ catering you too can enjoy the party. Every year more and more couples are choosing "I do" BBQ for their special day.

What is I do BBQ

Have you ever heard of an “I do" BBQ? Well, it is quite simple. It is an engagement party that is solely themed around BBQ! This theme offers many variations and the best part is, it is offered is so many budgets. In addition, there is no better reason than to go outdoors and enjoy some great weather with your family and friends! Choosing a traditional menu is essential to making your engagement party barbecue one for the books. You can still be chic and have a country backyard party for your upcoming engagement party themed around the best, BBQ! Having a backyard barbecue allows you to express yourself and enjoy your intimate party with friends and family, while enjoying some mouthwatering barbecue.

What do you need for an I do BBQ?


Just like any other party you are planning, starting off with the menu is a must. Cater to your guests with a variety of party platters or even a BBQ Buffet. What better way to cater your engagement party barbecue than with a delivery buffet filled with finger licking meats and savory sides. You can also try a variety of party packs like sliders and tacos, that make the perfect finger foods for all of your guests. There is no need to look for “BBQ near me,” when you know there is a Dickey’s Barbecue Pit right in your city. Enjoy Dickey’s Barbecue catering for your backyard BBQ so you too can enjoy the finger licking BBQ menu items. Dickey’s would be honored to cater your engagement party. Enjoy a variety of hickory wood smoked meats from competition style brisket, fall-off-the-bone pork ribs, marinated BBQ chicken, a variety of kielbasa sausage, and more.


Keeping it simple and saving on alcohol for your backyard barbecue is easy with ready to serve cocktails that are light and crisp in ice cold pitchers. How about a classic margarita that everyone will love, especially under the sun? Better yet, try our very own Double Lemon Press for that nice refreshing glass of what we like to call “adult juice.” With just 5 simple ingredients and an easy-to-follow recipe, you too can be the bartender of your own backyard barbecue. Serve up these refreshing cocktails in mason jars, perfect for that backyard BBQ theme. The best way to enjoy our hand-crafted cocktail is what something to eat, like our very own Texas style barbecue.


Hang up some string lights and pop up some high-top tables for the guests to have the perfect ambiance to mingle. Decorate with simple décor and centerpieces, just to dress up your outdoor barbecue up a bit. How about some mason jars with tealight candles or simple dainty flowers? This is the perfect way to aim for that casual and rustic look. Add in some wooden pallets, picnic baskets, fresh flowers, lanterns, and more to elevate your engagement party barbecue! Want to take your "I do" BBQ up a notch? Add white tents in your backyard to elevate your engagement party barbecue and protect your beautiful couple shower from the weather and any uninvited guests.


"I do" BBQ invitations are a must. Be sure to let your guests know when and where you are celebrating your special day. This is your chance to show off your theme and get your guests excited about your upcoming event, so they can save the date. Be sure to add a RSVP on your invitation to help you prepare for your outdoor party! Feel free to add in any other pieces of information like attire for your guests to know! And don’t forget to add your name to your invitation! Oh, and congratulations from the Dickey's family!


Planning your engagement party with an "I do" BBQ theme is the perfect fit for your backyard celebration. Enjoy your event from the simple yet classic décor, delicious BBQ catering, and even the refreshing cocktails under the sun. An "I do" BBQ is the perfect theme to make your couple shower party fun, while maintaining a budget friendly event. Who wouldn’t love authentic barbecue at an engagement outdoor party? When was the last time you rejected barbecue? Never! Visit us at or give us a call at 1-866-BARBECUE (227-2328), so we can help you have the best engagement party barbecue!