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Barbecue Buzz

Heating Instructions for the Dickey's 2023 Holiday Season

20 Nov 2023

Thanksgiving is here! As thousands of people eagerly await their selected pickup or delivery times, we wanted to use this opportunity to share our 2023 Holiday Heating Instructions. Each guest should receive these instructions with their order, and the document linked here is the one you should see.
Of the more exciting changes, this year we've transformed our turkey from Cajun fried to Cajun spiced and it now comes as a raw product! By embracing this change, we've chosen safety, health, and sustainability. The turkeys really have a lot more flavor than in the past and we are excited to put out a higher quality bird. Make sure to check out the differences in preparation!
Check out our 2023 Heating Instructions at this link!
Still haven't ordered your holiday meal for Thanksgiving or until the end of the year? Click here and see our holiday offer.