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Real Talk with Real Owners: Amberly Patrick of Cleburne, TX

05 Oct 2015

Amberly Patrick - TX - 714 0924.jpeg

Amberly Patrick is a Texas girl with Texas roots, so it only makes sense that now she is serving Texas barbecue.


Born in Fort Worth and raised in Corsicana, Amberly spent her adult life mostly in Dallas. She worked as a dental hygienist for 20 years in Dallas, where she formed great relationships with her clients. Her story is different than many entrepreneurs who knew from the beginning that they wanted their own business. Amberly’s arm began falling asleep and she developed back and neck pain while on the job, so she knew she needed a new career.


Meanwhile, one day Mr. Dickey came into her brother’s RV business. The met again at a Dallas social club, and the rest is history. Amberly and her brother Jarrod are now co-owners of their own Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Cleburne, Texas.


In her new small – town home, Amberly is very active with the Chamber of Commerce and local schools. She uses her community marketing tools to engage with the community, who loves good old fashioned Texas barbecue. She has provided a great place for the locals to hang out and visit, while enjoying delicious slow-smoked meats and home – style sides. Amberly says, “My favorite part about the barbecue business is the meat. I smoke it myself and always make sure it’s absolutely perfect for my guests.” With a loyal staff who have been with her since before the store opened, Amberly has built a community out of her second career.