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Real Talk with Real Owners - Matt Stritzinger of Coldwater, MI

23 Aug 2016

Owner/Operator Matt Stritzinger lives by three rules in his business:

1.       Come to work every day with a good attitude

2.       Have fun at work

3.       Make someone’s day, every day

With those guidelines in mind, Matt focuses his team on great service and excellence in everything they do, from smoking meat to ringing up orders at cash.

These guidelines have also led Matt to certain business practices in his store. “Our community engagement begins with my philosophy that I donate to every cause,” Matt says. In a small town of 25,000 people, the community notices the businesses who take a personal interest in the daily goings-on of their community.

As a business developer for the last 25 years, Matt knows that his catering sales are crucial to his store’s success. He regularly goes the extra mile, literally. In fact, his store recently did a catering for 750 people about 100 miles away! For Matt, no catering job is too large, too small or too far away. And he never forgets to include those BMGs! “We always show our catering clients our appreciation for their business through bounce backs and discounts on their next event. We find that by using these marketing tools, we have many loyal guests who not only come back to us for future caterings, but bring their families and friends into the store to enjoy our great barbecue and great atmosphere.”