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The Art of Tailgating

24 Sep 2014

We’re already a few weeks into football season which means on any given Sunday…or Saturday…or Monday, millions of Americans flock to stadium parking lots to eat, drink, and cheer for their favorite college and pro teams.

To the rest of the world, America’s obsession with tailgating must seem a bit over-the-top. After all, more than 20,000,000 of us consider ourselves bona fide tailgaters, with millions more hosting pre-game and post-game parties at home. This concept bundles two of our favorite passions: food and competitive sports. In fact, tailgating itself has become a competitive sport since it was first practiced at the Princeton-Rutgers football game in 1869.

So how do you stack up against the competition?

Gone are the days when burgers and dogs made the cut. To bring your “A” game, you’re going to want to think barbecue. Dickey’s family packs and catering options are the perfect main course for your football tailgating and viewing parties. Our XL Family Pack offers 3 pounds of meat, 4 medium sides, 8 rolls & barbecue sauce. Need something bigger? No problem. Our delivery buffet will provide 10 or more of your football crazed fans the perfect meal for a day of football.

For the serious tailgaters and football watch parties, consider our full service catering option which will feed a 100 or more hungry football fans and includes delivery, set-up service and clean up. You can plan for the entire season now by calling our catering experts at 866-BARBECUE or

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