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Barbecue Buzz


20 Feb 2023

Even though barbecue looks a little different everywhere you go, the slow smokiness of pit barbecue has spread to every part of the world. However, no matter what language you speak or where you call home, it’s safe to say that we all love barbecue — especially here at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. So, to celebrate our love of the best ‘Cue around, here are a few reasons why we LOVE barbecue.

Anyone who’s ever hand trimmed, rubbed, and how to smoke a brisket for the next 8–14 hours of their life will understand the commitment and patience that goes into the process. If you are that kind of backyard pit master, then you will appreciate the work that goes into perfectly smoked meats almost as much as you enjoy eating it. Here at Dickey’s, our first love is this; it’s our process, not processed. In every Dickey’s barbecue restaurant around the world, we serve Legit. Texas. Barbecue. Our Pit Masters are smoking the finest quality meats every single day in the same way Mr. Dickey did starting in 1941. After more than 80 years, we love that we’ve stayed true to our humble beginnings.

The very nature of barbecue creates a special event opportunity to break bread and slice brisket with your tribe. Back in barbecue’s earliest iterations, a pit was dug out of the earth, and then filled with hot embers and wood for smoke flavor. A quarter or half cow or whole pig would go into the pit, and then it all would be covered with leaves and earth and left to do its magic until the next day. This wasn’t just a family affair unless you’re talking about the WHOLE extended family. Barbecue is meant to be enjoyed together with family, friends, and even that guy in the neighborhood you just happen to wave at when he’s walking his dog. A whole brisket can feed a whole lot of folks. Ribs come in a rack for a reason. Our second love of barbecue is that it is meant to be shared with the people who mean the most to you – or whomever you happen to invite to your table (like the dog-walker guy).

Our last love of barbecue is this — there is no better flavor and experience than when quality meats are hand trimmed and rubbed, then smoked low and slow in a hickory pit. We’ve said it before — there is no shortcut to what we do at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. Our Pit Masters are up at dawn, long before the craving hits you, so that we can slice or chop your barbecue favorites. Paired with classic barbecue sides like potato salad, barbecue beans and mac-n-cheese, and then finished with Dickey’s barbecue sauce, we cherish the fact that nothing satisfies your craving for good, wholesome food like only barbecue can do.

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