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Be a Caveman at Dickey’s

Published: 01 Aug 2013

Our cave dwelling ancestors based their diets on what they could hunt and gather.  I’m sure if there was a Dickey’s Barbecue 10,000 years ago, it would’ve been a pre-Neolithic paradise.

At Dickey’s, we welcome all cavemen and women to try our caveman approved proteins. Put down that flint knife and forage at your local Dickey’s – try a whole brisket, pork butt or a whole rack of ribs.

Let Dickey’s cut out the whole hunt and gather part and just give you a full or half rack of ribs that may leave you a little messy, but at least you’ll be satisfied (that is until the next sunrise).

If you’re ready to release your inner caveman/woman, then you have to check out #DickeysAllOverYourFace.

#DickeysAllOverYourFace is a 6 week campaign that will feature a series of short videos exploring the rib ticklin’ side of Dickey’s. All videos will be posted weekly here and also on Dickey’s Facebook. Dickey’s encourages viewers to watch, share and comment. The videos are to inspire Dickey’s customers to not just share a rib, but a share moment.

Be a Caveman at Dickey’s