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Happy National Hoagie Day from Dickey's

Published: 04 May 2013

Delicious things come in small packages—I’m talking about hoagies! There are very few foods in this world that are as tummy pleasing as the hoagie. So on May 5th put your margarita down and enjoy a Lil’ Hoagie from Dickey’s to celebrate National Hoagie Day!

The official origin of the term “hoagie” is debatable. Some said it came from Pennsylvania while others argue it comes from the Italian word for bread-roll, “hokie.” There’s also a lot of confusion when it comes to whether or not the hoagie is like a hero or a sub.

Well whatever you want to call it—Dickey’s Lil’ Hoagie is delicious! Go to your local Dickey’s today and celebrate National Hoagie Day.

Happy National Hoagie Day from Dickey's